More about Baby Strollers

Life changes drastically for those who have a small baby at home. People could have a rather easy going and cool lifestyle earlier, carefree and relatively easy. But once baby arrives and starts growing up fast, parents become quite a busy and sometimes harried, running around juggling multiple demands both inside and outside home. It…

Empowering Wheelchair Users.

Mr. Bill Miller, has a great blog and an even greater product. His blog focuses on getting wheelchair users back in the game of life, and focuses on the enjoyment of sports. His product helps individuals using power wheelchairs to bowl and play power soccer. Very interesting and helpful solution, please check it out.

Great Sports Story.

Kate Eckman from wrote an interesting article about high school athletes in wheelchairs officially competing. Here’s an excerpt: Some high school athletic associations are considering whether wheelchair athletes should be allowed to become official members of their high school track teams. Read more of the article here.