our nearly universal cup holder

The unique design of this "nearly" universal product has quickly evolved past just wheelchairs. To date this great cup holder has worked with wheelchairs, stadium armrests, even airline armrests. We dare you to try it in your vehicles, children's car seats or even camping.

  • Our cup holder's unique design allows for a multitude of Armrests
  • Attaches simply with velcro straps and grips with foam pads
  • Designed to hold many different shapes and sizes of cups
  • Durable, Lightweight, Machine Washable Cup Holder
  • The LAST cup holder you may EVER BUY!

welcome to oh 4 industries

We not only make a great cup holder, but we have the SOLUTION to your problems of existing armrests.

This is the home of the "Nearly" Universal OH which is the machine washable, removable invention that takes all the hassle out of where to put your beverage.

Feel free to browse our site, for probably MORE information than you were hoping to get. You won't be bored as the material should be light in mood, but rich in content. Starting off with the "About Us" section, where you can find out why we chose to reinvent a cup holder, but also where the name OH 4 originated. (Yes, it wasn't a government issued name, we actually chose it.)

The middle sections are about the "Nearly" Universal OH. Should you need more information about the product, we have included a sample spec sheet. Already sold and ready to have our cup holder liberate you from your beverage? That's great and feel free to click the buy now option at the side.

Lastly is our "Contact Us" section. Here's where you can send us your info or send us any questions not answered on this site. As you'll notice this cup holder can be used in stadiums, on wheelchairs, or on your next flight. We're glad you took the time to visit our site, and will respond with the same respect.

Enjoy your day and our product, and again, welcome to the last cup holder you'll ever need.