Just bought your cup holder for my wheelchair. You have really solved a problem for wheelchair users. As a long term power wheelchair user you have finally developed a nearly perfect cup holder. It doesn’t extend beyond the sides of the chair nor does it get in the way of our arm rest. And it’s easily attached and removable.

Gus from Seattle, WA

Excellent! Finally a cup holder that works on my powerchair! Thank you!

Mary C. from Cottage Grove, OR

I use a Quantum 600 power chair and have wanted a cup holder that would actually work on it. Everything I tried would either hang to the side so I could not fit through a doorway, or was so loose, that the liquid spilled. The new OH-4 Industries cup holder is perfect! It attached to my chair easily and is very stable. No problem at all getting through doorways. This product is terrific!

Terry M. from Illinois

I bought two to take with us for the New Jersey Nets games. They’re FANTASTIC! After initial set up it only takes three seconds to attach.

Michele from Saddle River, NJ

Just to let you know that the cupholder arrived safely in 5 days to the UK. An excellent product and there is nothing similar available here, will pass the word around.

Pete C. from Herts, UK

I tried this on my Quikie with the round arm rests and it worked great.THANKS!

eBay user 980*250